PC MaticPro

Developed, researched, and supported in the U.S., PC Matic Pro is the only trusted security software available proven to proactively block modern-day cyber security threats with their globally automated whitelist technology.  PC Matic Pro’s in-house malware team is exclusively dedicated to consistently maintaining and updating the technology for real-time protection against ransomware, advanced persistent threats, polymorphic viruses and zero-day attacks. PC Matic has proudly served and scanned over 4 million computers with their home and enterprise security solutions.

The company behind PC Matic, PC Pitstop, was founded in 1999 by CEO Rob Cheng and originated with the sole purpose of providing a better way of diagnosing common computer problems.  Over 17 years, PC Pitstop has made it a mission to build superior security solutions to keep systems free of malicious threats, and has transformed and evolved into the effective technology and services offered to home, business, and government agencies today. In 2009, the modern-security solution product, PC Matic, was born.

PC Matic Pro is comprised of anti-virus solutions and revolutionary technologies that are empowering organizations to secure and optimize the performance of their endpoints.  PC Matic Pro products handle the security, productivity, and automation needs of modern companies with fast, secure, and simple-to-use solutions. Setting industry records for proactive detections, PC Matic whitelist technology continues to lead the industry in highest proactive and reactive detections by the well-respected Virus Bulletin RAP test.

PC Matic Pro’s priority is their commitment to the security and privacy of customer data, and PC Matic Pro is dedicated to protecting organizations from any attempts of compromised data attacks.  The world needs better security. We got it.