PC Matic

With the ransomware epidemic continuing to explode, the world is desperate for a solution with a new innovative approach. PC Matic Pro’s whitelist based security shifts the focus to prevention instead of reaction. By proactively blocking all unknown malware AND Ransomware, we offer a more secure product that requires less work from IT Admins.

Combining industry leading endpoint security with a robust cloud based management console gives users an incredible experience from a single pane of glass. Our solution includes fileless malware prevention, and RDP security suite, patch management, VNC and remote CMD prompt, detailed alerting and reporting, and more!

PC Matic Partners Experience:

• Higher Revenue & Margins - The PC Matic Pro partner program makes it easy for partners to increase their revenues while still offering lower prices to their customers.
• 100% Channel Commitment - PC Matic Pro is 100% dedicated to selling our business products through our partners.
• Award-Winning Technology - Our patent pending whitelist technology gives us industry leading security. Shift the focus to prevention instead of reaction with PC Matic Pro.
• Marketing Support - Assistance with marketing funds for joint demand generating activities.

Reach out today to learn how you can join our mission to defeat cyber criminals!