Manuel Palachuk International

Manuel Palachuk provides coaching, consulting, and related products to individuals, teams, and organizations with only one goal in mind: To take you and your business to the next level. And he has the blueprint to do it! Manuel primarily works with IT consultants, MSPs, VARs and other technology service providers. With his vast experience, however, he can help any business get to the next level.

Manuel will work directly with you to remediate crucial functions and areas of your business that are suffering, or develop these functions and crucial areas that are missing. The focus can be on that one big issue, or you can have a tailored program designed to get your entire business to the top of the game. Manuel has designed the most original and effective coaching programs available anywhere, and he has the perfect program for every size and maturity level of business.

Manuel is the coach who will take you to the gym, not just send you there. He believes success is a habit and he can help you form this habit for you and your team. So when you're ready to get to the next level, get the right coach. Visit to find out more about his methods, offerings, and programs.