Choice Cybersecurity

Steve Rutkovitz founded Choice Technologies as a VAR in 1995. In 2007 it became an MSP and in 2009 security and compliance services were introduced, propelling the company’s transformation into an MSSP in 2012. Throughout that span there was no structured approach to security or compliance within the SMB market—which still holds true today. This is despite clients’ justifiable concerns about increasing security threats, government compliance audits, and mandates from the likes of HIPAA and PCI. Steve realized it was time for the industry to stop “winging it.” It was time to step up and provide structured security services. In 2016 Choice Cybersecurity was born.

We developed a distilled, end-to-end process: Assess, Address, Maintain. First, develop a top-of-the-line assessment to identify risks and gaps, generating thousands of dollars in new revenue. Second, proactively fix vulnerabilities by vetting and utilizing vanguard products from around the globe. This addresses security and compliance needs so clients have an acceptable level of risk. And third, create a series of monthly recurring revenue services built around continuous monitoring and alerting that protects clients from all security threats. Add to this proactive IT services for a host of verticals—such as medical, financial, legal ,and real estate—and these are the makings of an MSP evolution.

This innovative model was so effective that it would have been a disservice to the industry not to disseminate it. Based on that idea, Choice Cybersecurity crafted a unique education and coaching portal that could accelerate learning throughout an entire MSP company. The program was designed to bring the tech, business, and sales teams together as one force to provide customers with the very best resources.