YOU'RE INVITED: Channel resellers, integrators, consultants, and managed service providers who want to grow their business MUST attend the ChannelPro SMB Forum!

Silver Selfie Upload

Thank you for sponsoring the Chicago-area ChannelPro SMB Forum. We invite you to submit your own Selfie Video (from your phone or any video recording device), and we will weave that into a presentation at the Chicago event.

Other sponsors will also be submitting videos, so make sure yours stands out! We recommend that your video be fun, creative, and mention your brand name and include a message. Tell about how great your solutions are, invite attendees to visit your booth during the lunch break, etc.

Deadline to submit your video: August 21, 2015 at noon ET

Video length: Your video should be no more than 20 seconds long. To ensure all sponsors have the same maximum video length, videos longer than 20 seconds will be cut off at the 20-second mark. If you have any questions, please reach out to Joel, Lisa, or Traci.

Use the form below to submit your Silver Selfie video. If it's less than 64MB in size you can upload it directly, otherwise toss it up on a cloud share and tell us where we can get it.

Tips to ensure the best quality:

  1. If your device allows, try to shoot and submit your video at 720p or greater.
  2. Most mobile devices highly compress and reduce video quality when emailed (so, please do not email the video to yourself as a means to upload from your computer). Always transfer your video to a computer in its original form, or upload it at full quality to an online storage service. Uploading the full-size video to a YouTube or Vimeo channel and providing the link below will also work.
  3. We recommend completing this submission form from a computer instead of a phone.
As you type, applicable options will be displayed. Please click the correct company name when it appears. When done correctly, it should be displayed like "My Company Name [id:123]" for example.

If we have questions or need to get in touch with you about your video, who can we contact?

Upload your Silver Selfie video. Video must be 20 seconds or less.
Files must be less than 64 MB.
Allowed file types: avi mov mp4 m4v wmv.
NOTE: The access code is case sensitive and was included in the email you received.

ChannelPro SMB Forum 2015: Chicago

Sweet home Chicago! The ChannelPro SMB Forum Channel Therapy Tour is excited to finally be coming to the Midwest! We have the cure for what ails you! Give us one day and we’ll send you home with all the expert sales, marketing, product, and operations advice you need to put your business on the path to a healthier bottom line. Cubs fans AND Sox fans welcome.


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