Seana Fippin

Seana Fippin is co-founder and CEO of Red Box Business Solutions. Red Box is a concierge-level managed service provider and cyber security firm, providing technology solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Seana began her career in management at the leading ISP and global web hosting company Verio, in the Silicon Valley. Through this experience, Seana realized that she not only had a passion for growing businesses and technology, but more importantly, for uniting and leading a team around a mission, developing process and strategy to achieve organizational excellence and wow.

After founding WebZonkey, TechConsult and S&S Communications, Seana took the knowledge she gained to co-found Red Box. She credits her business partner and phenomenal team for the swift growth and exceptional quality of the organization. The firm’s approach of exceptional, strategic, forward-thinking technology is what sets its award-winning team apart.

Seana has served the City of Brentwood as a Planning Commissioner, President of Rotary, and is on the Council of Business Advisors. Red Box was awarded Business of the Year in 2020 and The 20’s MSP of the year in 2021. Fippin holds a degree in Business Administration and Finance and completed her post-graduate work in emerging technologies.