For MSPs looking to rapidly address the growing cybersecurity market, SOCSoter offers the channel white boxed SOC services on a SIEM platform at a low price that small businesses can afford. Its services also address an increasingly common customer pain point -- industry compliance and satisfying auditors. SOCSoter is a one stop shop for all things security to help partners increase their monthly reoccurring revenue while providing superior cybersecurity protection.

For MSPs to hire in-house full-time security experts is often too cost prohibitive. This is why SOCSoter partners utilize its security expertise to supplement their current offerings and allow them to sell into other markets. Because SOCSoter is managed detection and response, it can adjust services to support the needs of its partners. This means SOCSoter doesn't require its partners to attend any additional training programs or need special skills to use its services. If they have a security question, SOCSoter is always available to help and provide recommendations and support without any additional costs or fees.

The company's partner program is one of the best in the industry giving MSPs access to tools, demo programs, technology and knowledgeable staff when and how they need it. 100% U.S. based business, but world class account management staff give its partners the personal attention they deserve.

From managed detection to penetration testing, SOCSoter's services are all developed, priced, and packaged as a must have critical MSP offering to small businesses.