Secure Infrastructure & Services

Secure Infrastructure & Services (SIAS) is a managed services provider of cloud computing solutions for IBM Power Systems hosting, including IBM i hosting, AIX hosting, and Linux, as well as x86 and OpenStack.

The company helps midmarket firms built on IBM hardware platforms to deploy new levels of reliable and cost-effective computing and high-availability solutions, leveraging the cloud and the benefits of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

As a trusted/knowledgeable/insightful IBM i and AIX managed service provider, SIAS helps IBM customers to fully embrace the power of the cloud through production capacity, storage, high availability, and disaster recovery services.

With a knowledgeable technical staff, robust infrastructure, and years of experience in the industry, SIAS is able to provide its customers with the necessary services to leverage the cloud to position their organizations for growth.

Our partner program enables resellers of IT to quickly and easily transform their businesses to provide robust cloud solutions to their clients. With industry-leading compensation rates (2x-3x our competitors), fully funded marketing launch, and end-to-end sales and marketing support, the SIAS Partner Program is a valuable tool to help you expand your business.