Neat Company

Our goal at Neat is to help you get to what matters. Whether what matters to you is growing your business, spending more time with your family, or tackling the project you’ve always dreamed about, what matters to us is helping you work more efficiently so you can find time each day for the things you love.  We believe you shouldn’t have to work to use your information. That’s why we’ve developed a Smart Organization System that transforms information into something that works for you. With Neat, you can capture information, unlock data, and unleash a more productive workflow.

We help our users to:

  • Get control of important information by quickly capturing documents regardless of their original sources, and making them organized, searchable, and at hand when they’re needed.
  • Work more efficiently by unlocking information to easily use for reports, share with others, and feed to other programs.
  • Gain time by swiftly conquering tedious information management tasks and unleashing a better way to work, improving your overall productivity.

Neat gets you to the information that matters, so you can get to the things that matter most.