Island by PerfTech

With 40 years of experience in large enterprise and carrier environments, the PerfTech team has taken high-end, advanced functionality and poured it into a router designed for small-  to medium-sized businesses and work-from-home environments. With Island, advanced networking features are auto-configured making for faster installs, less technical knowledge for installers, yet providing an app interface that can be adjusted for the most experienced networking professional (Geek mode) or the end user who simply wants to control access with best-in-class productivity/parental controls and scheduling. Island’s security and VPN functions provide enterprise-grade protection without slowing down the network whether in an office or work-from-home setting. In fact, even under full load with all security, filtering, and advanced features enabled, Island performs at wire speed delivering 3.7Gbps and 2M packets per second throughput. Island gives integrators all the sophistication and features of enterprise-grade routers, but with an elegant, intuitive app that speeds up installations and gives their end users critical self- sufficiency. Wired by design, Island works with any existing Wi-Fi mesh. 

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