Reed Warren

VP and Director of Research Services

Reed Warren is vice president and director of research services at Revenue Rocket Consulting Group LLC. He joined the firm in 2009 following careers at a variety of software product and services companies in the Twin Cities.

Reed was a member of the executive team at Sysdyne Corporation, a staffing services company providing software, hardware, and systems engineering talent to the medical, manufacturing, defense, and aviation industries. His role was to bring more cohesive and disciplined planning and process structure to the company. 

Prior to that Reed was a regional manager of sales and operations at Objective Solutions, a software product and services company offering technical engineering solutions in the semiconductor, telecommunications, medical, and aviation industries. He was instrumental in developing a “branch development model” for opening new offices around the country and managed that expansion. He was also responsible for creating software development methodologies for the company’s customers.

Earlier on, Reed worked for Compuware Corporation, a worldwide professional services and software product development company. He started with the company as a software programmer, moving into recruiting and ultimately into sales leadership.