iT Valuations

iT Valuations (iTV) has 12+ years of extensive experience in valuations, mergers, and acquisitions. With over 67+ completed transactions under our belt, we’re the go to trusted valuators for IT Services and Technology firms. Our goal is to help companies determine their fair economic value so they can make the best decision for the next stage of their life. Essentially, we exist to positively impact IT business owners’ lives, while exhibiting excellence in helping them realize their goals and dreams.

Figuring out your company’s value and responding to the myriad of business challenges inherent in selling, buying, merging, or transferring a partner can be overwhelming. As a business owner, you need solid advice, a guiding hand, a caring heart, and a team dedicated to helping you reach your goals after a lifetime of hard work. We understand how to drive value, measure value, and help you harvest the value of your firm. That’s iTV. That’s why we’re here.