Corey Kirkendoll

Corey Kirkendoll, President and CEO of 5K Technical Services, heads a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) serving SMBs in North Texas. With over 30 years of experience in Information Services and technology, Corey held pivotal roles at IBM, Cisco Systems, Dell, EMC, and VMware. Recognized for expertise in IT and Cyber Security, Corey's leadership drives rapid growth and industry benchmarks for MSPs nationwide.

Corey prioritizes process-oriented excellence in security and compliance, setting industry standards. Beyond corporate duties, he is a prominent speaker and author, contributing to CompTIA and serving on various boards promoting diversity and inclusion. As former chair of CompTIA Managed Services Executive Council, his influence extends to Channel Advisory Boards and garnered accolades like the CompTIA Community Leadership award and ChannelPro Peer of the Year. Corey, a Tech Titan, holds certifications including CCIE, CISSP, and CCSA, and multiple degrees from Jones International University. Engaged in continuous learning, he graduated from SBA Emerging Leaders and Goldman Sachs SB 10K Programs.