Safe DNS

SafeDNS has been out on the cybersecurity market for 12 years helping more than 4000 businesses stay safe. Web content filtering might seem like a way-too-simple solution to be able to provide a layer of online protection - it is simple indeed, and that is our main trait. Simple & strong enough to protect. We solve a difficult task in cybersecurity by merely blocking all malicious resources & other inappropriate content. After you install SafeDNS on your WiFi router or a PC you will simply not be able to access dangerous resources, therefore, will have no chance to catch anything harmful out there.

The second goal we are pursuing is filtering out all inappropriate unwanted resources such as porn, gambling, violence, hate or racism, weapons, alcohol and drugs. Block websites, apps and even ecosystems, such as Apple, Microsoft or Google, in order to increase the effectiveness of staff.

We provide an extra layer of cybersecurity by protecting your network with web filtering. Zero cost implementation and quick tech support of no extra charge combined with cutting-edge technology of web content filtering make SafeDNS the perfect solution for businesses, channel partners, such as MSPs, education, non-profit, telecoms, ISPs & WiFi providers, and homes. Our tech support is more rapid than you can imagine. In 2022, an average time of reply in chat was 67 seconds.

Join us on the safe side of the internet, join SafeDNS!

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