Phalanx is a Veteran-owned cyber security company that offers advanced data security
solutions that are specifically built for MSPs. Phalanx is committed to delivering best in class
data protection solutions that are easy to use and cost effective for small businesses while also
being scalable and efficient for MSPs to manage.

Phalanx’s MUZE (Monitoring Unstructured Data with Zero Trust Encryption) solution is here to change how you approach data loss prevention and data protection. MUZE is a lightweight DLP and document mapping solution that secures document access by combining automation, identity, and encryption. It transforms existing platforms, such as OneDrive, Outlook or your endpoints, into secure systems to provide security teams cyber risk intelligence of their
organization’s sensitive documents and automated security to mitigate risk.

What value does MUZE bring to your MSP?
Save Time
● No policy management or weekly management necessary
● Deploy in less than a day
● Automate data protection for your clients
● Identify data breach exposure 90% faster
Expand Capabilities and Offerings
● Offer DLP to your clients of any size - We’re small business friendly
● Proactive data protection that scales with client growth & needs
● Comprehensive data inventories, monitoring, and logging
● Deploy by team, department, or enterprise to scale with growth
Enhance Customer Experience
● Securely send & receive sensitive documents with your clients
● Provide more accurate cyber risk estimates
● Go beyond full drive encryption and reduce tech stack
Become a partner today to start enhancing your clients’ data security with Phalanx MUZE!

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