Will Foret

Will Foret is the founder and president of Spot Migration, a Chicago-based outsourced IT department that creates happiness for clients by giving them peace of mind with their technology. Will started Spot in 2012 as an evolution to the traditional IT services models. He also sits on the advisory board for The 20, a disruptive business development and strategy co-op for managed IT service providers.
Will's experience with scalable IT solutions in organizations such as Walgreens, FDIC, and Citadel has allowed him to shape strategy and implement technologies previously not attainable for small and midsize organizations. His vision of "Be the best version of yourself" is reflected in Spot's employees, clients, and interactions with partners.  
Will is also looking to improve those around him, so if you have ever spoken with him, you know he says things like "Trust but verify" and "Be Prepared."