Sitima Fowler

Co-Founder and Partner

Sitima Fowler is co-founder and partner at Iconic IT, a nationwide IT firm serving small and medium organizations since 2003. In the 6th grade, Sitima (Rana) Fowler and her family immigrated from India to the United States. Establishing a life in America was a struggle for the Rana family who had limited resources and little to no money. This lifestyle instilled a fire in Sitima that was and still is her driving force to succeed. Sitima developed a relentless desire to lead with an ongoing pursuit of personal and professional growth.  
Over the years Sitima has led her company in garnering awards such as Inc. 5000, Rochester Top 100, Great Place to Work, Top Workplaces, and CRN’s Top 100 Managed Service Provider in the Nation. She is the founder of several initiatives designed to inspire and educate other business leaders, notably
As a technologist, Sitima has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, a master’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in Management and Leadership, and holds six patents. She has co-authored the book, Computers Should Just Work and is the founder of an initiative called “#GetCyberChic” to keep female leaders informed about online safety.
Sitima volunteers at many local organizations. She gives her time to mentoring individuals in the community, helping at schools, and cooking and serving homeless families.