Sam Barhoumeh

Managing Partner

Sam Barhoumeh, ReadyNetworks’ managing partner and senior managing director, has over 20 years of experience in business leadership and has held key positions in technology, infrastructure, and enterprise technologies. Founded almost two decades ago, ReadyNetworks has grown to a technology leader of IT services, support, and security management, with Sam setting the stage for ReadyNetworks to be best-in-class in service and support. Today, ReadyNetworks continues to focus on strategic growth and success.  
Leading the ReadyNetworks management team and sales efforts, Sam is responsible for all ReadyNetworks’ initiatives, and for managing and coordinating the network and systems experiences according to best practices and in concert with the company’s philosophy.  
Sam has diverse experience in many phases of the project and business life cycle, with a managerial and technical emphasis on network planning, implementation, and administration. He has performed planning, management, and technical specialist functions on a wide range of interactive projects.  
Sam is proficient in multiple environments and technologies and is actively pursuing several certifications with cloud hyperscale technologies and security certification, which continues to drive value creation for ReadyNetworks.