Ronnie Parisella

Project Manager

Ronnie Parisella is a Sr. IT Pro with over 25 years experience working in NYC IT Services. Before branching out, Ronnie worked for Charles Schwab & Co., the McGraw-Hill companies, Scholastic Books, MTV, and the New York New Media Association (NYNMA). After co-founding and running a successful MSP for 10 years, he has been a consultant to the industry fitting in where needed, from Help Desk (Have you tried turning it off and on?) to Management Consulting (Have you tried turning yourself off and on?).

He has helped build or rebuild over a dozen MSPs and now is focused on excellence in Project Management through tight tracking and controls. He's a frequent contributor to numerous industry publications and was named a leading CTO under age 40 by VAR Business magazine. When not helping others build MSPs, Ronnie collects comics and shoots pool in Upstate NY.