Rebecca Herold

Rebecca Herold has over 30 years of security and privacy experience. She is founder of The Privacy Professor Consultancy (2004) and of Privacy & Security Brainiacs SaaS services (2021). Rebecca has built compliance programs for hundreds of clients; co-authored NIST catalogs NISTIR 7628, NISTIR 8259, SP 800-213, NISTIR 8425, and TN 2066; and has served as an expert witness for cases covering HIPAA, privacy compliance, criminals using IoT devices to track their victims, stolen personal data of retirement housing residents, and tracking app users with Meta pixels. Rebecca has also authored 22 books (two of which are widely used as university textbooks for HIPAA, and for privacy regulations compliance), and for 9 ½ years was adjunct professor for the Norwich University MSISA program. She hosts the Voice America podcast/radio show, Data Security & Privacy with the Privacy Professor. Rebecca is based in Des Moines, Iowa.