Paco Lebron

Paco Lebron is CEO and founder of ProdigyTeks, a privately held information technology services firm established in February 2013. Paco guides a dedicated team of leaders and experts to support his mission. Located in the West Loop of Chicago, the firm is committed to providing underserved small businesses with high-quality service and support. Paco is both an exemplary leader and an excellent role model in the Chicago community and beyond.
He also currently co-hosts MSP Unplugged, a live, weekly podcast for aspiring entrepreneurs in the information technology industry. Paco’s mission is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs increase revenue, reduce costs, and expand within their respective market share. In addition, he is co-founder of TechCon Unplugged, a dedicated national multi-day summit for information technology industry leaders, small businesses, and entrepreneurs of all scales to network and build business strategies.