Melanie Gass

Melanie Gass, aka The Microsoft Princess, is the president of CenterPoint Solution LLC, a technology firm that focuses on providing Microsoft productivity solutions through training and consulting to corporations and other businesses worldwide.

Melanie has been an expert in Microsoft products since 1998 and has written numerous books sold through retailers and via Microsoft’s Courseware Marketplace. Her most recent book, “A Day in the Work Life of Office 365,” was published last fall and is available at

Melanie also hosts a syndicated, weekly radio show with an audience of more than 500,000 listeners from around the globe. Not only is Melanie an authority on Microsoft’s products, but through her Microsoft-related training and consulting she has become widely recognized and has earned the nickname The Microsoft Princess.

As The Microsoft Princess, Melanie provides tips, video tutorials, and seminars to help employees find creative ways to better use computer technology.