Farhan Masood

Founder, President and CTO

Masood is a tech innovator in the physical security field. Over the course of his 25 year career, he has received 42 international awards, including one from MIT. In recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field of IoT and Security, the US Department of State has recently awarded him an EB-1A Green Card also known as "Einstein Visa" to reside permanently in the United States. Furthermore, he holds 2 patents on biometric authentication and physical identity and access management..

During his tenure as a director with Dubai Smart Government, he spearheaded the world's first Smart City project worth more than $196 million. Masood has extensive experience in building enterprise scale perimeter, logical and cyber security products and writing biometric / identification algorithms around IoT, 3D facial and iris recognition; retina and palm vein verification; mobile proximity; blockchain; software defined Radio Frequency Identifiers; and military grade secure QR codes and beacons.