Bill Stucklen


Bill started his journey into IT in the early 90s, building his foundations at the dawn of power computing, and providing technical support for the video game Doom. From there, he spent the next 35 years living through the .com bubble, T&M IT support, and the early days of managed services. His trajectory shifted when his NYC-based MSP purchased ConnectWise software in 2005 and helped the ConnectWise platform take shape.

In 2011 he co-founded Stack Advisors as an automation consultancy focused on the ConnectWise Business Suite, helping MSPs cultivate and automate more of their processes. Today Bill is driven to give back to the community of MSPs that helped him build and successfully exit his MSP.

He has assembled a highly skilled team, cultivated standards for MSPs, and led the team at Stack Advisors to enable individuals and organizations to thrive by creating a culture of automation, education, and expertise.