Ashim Banerjee

Realizing the importance identity would play in the digital age, Ashim Banerjee founded IDmission in 2011. IDmission focuses on bringing simple, seamlessly integrated identity management processes and digital transformation programs to businesses all over the world. Utilizing standards compliant security, passive liveness biometrics, AI, and unparalleled industry expertise, IDmission helps create effortless end to end customer journeys.

Ashim has over 20 years in product development, where prior to starting IDmission, he yielded a dozen product patents and a track record of delivering value to enterprises seeking market leadership by creating innovation in product development and delivery. In 2008, Ashim was appointed CIO of TSYS Acquiring, after TSYS purchased Infonox, a Silicon Valley startup focused on payments software.

Ashim brings a unique voice to identity, passionate about building a digital infrastructure for both the developing and developed world.