Alex Ziogas


Alex Ziogas is president and founder of AZBS Inc. He is a consummate relationship builder and intensely committed to providing excellent service to every client. In addition to continuing to grow AZBS, Alex’s primary focus is on providing his clients with technology planning in the areas of security, auditing, disaster recovery, and business continuity. He brings over 30 years of experience in the technology industry with clients ranging from legal and financial to marketing and international freight forwarding.

Alex has been an active member of HTG Peer Groups since 2007 and served as a facilitator from 2008 to 2014. This group allows like-minded business owners to plan and set goals, improve leadership, solve problems collectively, and improve as individual professionals. Throughout his time as facilitator, Alex assisted with the growth of many other IT service providers around the country by sharing his strategies for building successful teams and pursuing new business.

Prior to founding AZBS, Alex spent many years as an IT Director and CTO in the legal and financial industries with employees in excess of 1,200 nationwide. Prior to focusing on technology, Alex was an aviation consultant and wore many hats in the development of the O’Hare International - Terminal One, the Midway expansion, in addition to working with other national and international airports.