TypingDNA is a behavioral biometrics company protecting online users based on how they type on their keyboards. TypingDNA provides a low-code authentication API suitable for securing login, enforcing reset passwords, and biometric authentication.
The newly launched product, TypingDNA Verify, is a smarter 2FA method that replaces SMS codes, improving the user experience while reducing costs by an order of magnitude. TypingDNA’s products are implemented by companies in various industries, financial and banking institutions, as well as cybersecurity companies and educational organizations.  

TypingDNA's technology expands the limited biometric authentication options without requiring specialized sensors or advanced hardware. More than 70% of millennials prefer written communication over phone calls. TypingDNA is on the quest to better this human interaction, ensure security, and facilitate a seamless user experience. In early 2020, TypingDNA raised a $7M Series A from Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture fund, and other participants such as EU-based fund GapMinder, Techstars Ventures, and other prior investors.