The Scytále is one of the earliest encryption devices in history. Used in Ancient Greece to communicate securely during military campaigns.

Scytáles is continuously breaking new ground by developing and offering ISO-Mobile Driving Licences, ISO-Mobile IDs and Derived Mobile IDs, as a complement to Security Printed Documents, and Validation mechanisms in realtime in online and offline modes. Scytáles is also providing a Credential Service Provider (CSP), an ICAO 9303/PKD PKI, supporting multiple Mobile Driving Licences (mDL), Mobile IDs (mID), Derived Mobile IDs and online identity validation providers. The company´s Scandinavian roots and values are an important asset, as well as its extensive network of key players and legislators in 60 countries around the world.

Scytáles issues and personalizes the software into smartphones and handhelds devices, as well as back-end systems, along with validation mechanisms via our software platform, which can be cloud-based or stand-alone deployed at our customers/partners premises. 

The company is working in the area of driving licenses, identity area as per national IDs, travel documents and resident permits, healthcare cards, corporate cards, smart- & loyalty cards within the government & enterprise areas as an alternative and/or strong complement where identification and validation is going mobile.

Through handheld and hardware devices, Scytáles' customers and partners are offered the opportunity to perform operations in either "on-line" or "off-line" modes, with communication protocols as NFC, BTLE, Wifi Aware, QR-Codes, PDF417, HTTP/S, etc., for making Authentication, Traceability and Connectivity via customer and partner interfaces, as well as access digitally stored information in System of Records and Big Data/Data Exchange Services.