Jolera Inc.

Jolera Inc. is a multinational technology hybrid aggregate service provider (HASP) focused on delivering IT solutions for its customers and channel partners. Jolera’s core services include customized technology solutions, IT assessments and strategic plans, IT device & infrastructure management, data backup and recovery solutions, cloud and on-premise migrations, enterprise-grade security services, and 24/7 quad-lingual end-user support services. With a growing staff of over 150, Jolera’s team designs and delivers technology systems encompassing the following traits – effectiveness, competitiveness, scalability, and value.   

Our mandate is to create industry disruptive IT solutions that add or supplement to our channel partner's existing IT portfolio. Channel partners have open access to our people, process and technology through our all-encompassing white label service. This service includes customized product training, marketing collateral, billing process, onboarding procedures, and a go- to-market strategy. While we focus on extending our partner's service reach through our technology and services, our partners can stay focused on growing their existing clientele.

Above all, Jolera is dedicated to innovating the cloud and managed service market space with forward thinking solutions for its customers and channel partners around the globe.