FacePhi is a global leader in Facial Recognition technology. With a strong concentration in the financial sector, our product is rapidly becoming a service used by banks all over the world.
Its implementation doesn’t just save money, it is also a way to attract clients and build loyalty, while increasing the security of transactions for both the customer and the business.
This innovative technology enhances the client experience effortlessly by simply using the camera on their mobile device to take a selfie; this then becomes their method of identification and interaction with the bank’s mobile application.
FacePhi is the only company that has entirely designed and developed its own robust algorithm, already validated by the banking sector. We are a company with no limits, striving to make others have a better life.

Our Key Points are:
– Algorithms 100% owned by FacePhi
– Minimum Hardware and Software requirements
– Flexible and competitive pricing policy
– Building alliances with key partners
– Always looking for improvement and excellence of our product
– Process in 38 milliseconds
– Robust system against aging, facial changes, different lighting conditions, etc