For more than two decades, Daon has been the most trusted name in biometric identity assurance on six continents. Daon’s IdentityX® is a seamless, two-in-one platform for digital onboarding and user authentication that spans all four corners of the customer experience: mobile, desktop, call center, and physical location.

At the start of the customer journey, IdentityX delivers the fastest, most accurate, fully automated account origination and ID document verification results. IdentityX features counterfeit detection and supports 7,000+ government-issued documents from 200+ countries combined with an advanced administrative console for complete analytics and data transparency.

As the customer journey continues, IdentityX provides ongoing and continuous authentication—with the broadest, deepest, and most sophisticated array of multi-factor biometrics and biometric liveness capabilities in the industry.

Daon’s global-scale customer deployments have proven successful in complex and demanding enterprise environments, spanning payments verification, digital banking, wealth, insurance, telcos, border security, and seamless travel. Daon’s IdentityX platform securely processes more than 100 million high-value transactions each day.