CoreSpace is a Full Stack IT IAAS provider; designing, building, and managing complete Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud and IT Infrastructure in our owned Data Centers and through partnerships with Public Cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, RackSpace, IBM, and others. We are a debt free, 100% woman owned IT company that assists our customers in creating and implementing cost effective, customized IT solutions. At CoreSpace, we have just about every IT Technology Solution available at our customer’s fingertips including our own private suite of services like Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud using OpenStack, Kubernetes, or VMware, Colocation, PCI and HIPAA Compliant Solutions, Firewalls, Load Balancers, Monitoring, Bandwidth, Logs, Access, Security, Clustering, Archiving, Backup, etc., in our owned Dallas data center. We make all Networking and Hardware work hosting a wide range of Infastructure using everything a customer needs to build whatever our customers require by using servers, storage, networking, hardware, and virtualization/hypervisor layers. Our unlimited options allow us to build the perfect Infastructure and we’ve been perfecting the technolgy for years.

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