Cheaper than a Geek

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away (well, not that far; Crofton, Maryland) our founder decided he wanted to build a computer. To his shock and amazement, he did and it worked! But a short time later, the computer would not start up. Unable to figure it out, he took it to a local computer repair store.

The experience was horrible! They talked down to him, charged him an arm and a leg, and even made fun of him for bringing in the power cable with the computer tower. And as it turned out, it was just a loose cable! He left that repair shop realizing there was a huge void in the IT services industry - an IT company that centers on customer service first. That was the catalyst that started CHEAPER THAN A GEEK®️ (CTAG). He then started the company in his living room with a burning passion for customer service!

EVERY aspect of the business is centered on the customer service experience. Mr. Barber rethought IT from the ground up. Instead of proposing the typical solutions that usually line an IT company’s pockets- he employs the “keeping it simple wherever possible” methodology, and always with the customer’s best interest at the forefront. While simple in design, it’s a rarity in the IT support space. Immediately, CTAG stood out. Client retention remains very high for this very simple reason; treat folks respectfully and they will stick around! CTAG may not make a killing on the first project with this approach, but the loyalty instilled keeps the lights on!

Fast forward almost two decades later… and CHEAPER THAN A GEEK®️ has won more customer service awards than ALL of the IT providers in Maryland! Mission accomplished!