Philip Wegner

Philip Wegner is the CEO of SecurEdge WiFi, a company he founded in 2006 as a specialty solutions provider focused on designing, building, and managing large-scale Wi-Fi networks. As a solutions provider for more than a decade, Philip recognized that the market was shifting to as-a-service business models and that IoT created a unique opportunity to provide visibility into performance and security for customers. That led to the creation of SecurEdge WiFi Platform and SecurEdge Sensor.  

SecurEdge WiFi enables MSPs to deploy a network as a service complete with built-in funding, which pays the partner up front, and customer-facing software that shows real-time performance and business intelligence data. SecurEdge Sensor enables MSPs to monitor network performance and security in real time. SecurEdge has been used to deploy more than 70M sq. ft. of Wi-Fi, enabling new long-term recurring revenue streams for its partners.