Carl Mazzanti

Carl Mazzanti is president and chairman of the board of eMazzanti Technologies, founded in August 2001. Built with a continuity mindset, eMazzanti Technologies has done everything possible to recover and keep customers open when the worst happens. Within 72 hours of Hurricane Sandy’s devastating landfall in 2012, 100% of his 300-plus customers were back up and running.

Carl lives by innovation and continuous learning, seeks only long-term customers, and systematically tracks customer satisfaction. After consulting with thousands of businesses, he has accumulated extraordinary firsthand knowledge of the numerous methods and tools small businesses can employ to reduce costs and increase their productivity and revenue.

Carl is a graduate of Georgetown University, with a triple major in Finance, New and Small Business Management, and International Business. Jennifer, his wife and business partner, is co-founder and a key player in the business. His interests include outings with his two boys, snowboarding, sailing, and minor league baseball.