Brian Garoutte

Brian Garoutte’s entire career has been totally “in the cloud and cloud focused. First, with a cloud-based marketing analytics company, then with one of the world’s largest global IT resellers of cloud technology and now leading Conexlink/MyCloudIT as president and CEO.   

For the past five-plus years at Conexlink/MyCloudIT,Brian has been in a leadership position, initially as the vice president of business development and for the last two-plus years as president and CEO. And over the past 24 months, Brian’s focus has been on transforming Conexlink/MyCloudIT from a cloud workspace managed service provider to a quick and responsive Azure cloud management and cost optimization software company. In this incredibly fast-paced time of cloud evolution, Brian is excited to be building and leading a team of equally passionate team members and bringing innovation and optimization via cloud technologies with the ultimate goal to propel future waves of cloud adoption