Mike Bloomfield

President Geek

Mike Bloomfield is president of Tekie Geek, a managed service provider in Staten Island, N.Y. An IT expert throughout the IT community, he is regularly published in numerous IT publications including Tech Decisions, ChannelPro, Channel Executive, and others. In 2020, Mike was recognized three times as an Amazon bestselling author for his books, Hack Proof Your Business - Volume 2, Stay Calm: How a Crisis Can Strengthen Your Business, and Why Your Business Must Have Cybersecurity Risk Assessments: Learn the Reasons WHY From 14 Cybersecurity Experts.

Tekie Geek is an award-winning MSP, with core services of managed IT services, business continuity, cloud computing, and unified communication. With these core services, Tekie Geek is able to cure your IT ailments, properly protect your business from the rising IT threats, and detect issues before they even arise, giving you peace of mind and helping you to sleep better at night. They can do this while maintaining their core company values of Clients, Culture, and Community.

Mike has had a passion for technology since an early age and has continued to push forward to ensure that he is always at the forefront of all technological advances. Previoiusly, Mike has held positions as IT/research and development director and manager of product engineering in the corporate world.

When Mike isn’t focusing on his business, he spends time with his beautiful wife, Nicole, and daughters, Audriana and Alexis. Mike credits his family for giving him the drive to keep going strong every day. He’s a true geek at heart and it becomes obvious when you start to talk Marvel or Star Wars movies with him. It also becomes obvious when you see his vast collection of collectible figures and statues throughout the Tekie Geek office.

Mike has received numerous business awards and sits on the boards of several nonprofits and business groups.