Micah Willbrand

Chief Product Officer

Micah Willbrand is Chief Product Officer in the Advanced Recognition Systems (ARS) division at NEC Corporation of America (NEC). In his current role, Mr. Willbrand leads the product strategy for NEC’s next-generation digital identity management platform, NEC I:Delight. Under his leadership, he brings over 20 years of experience focused on digital identity verification and the prevention of financial crimes. Prior to joining NEC, Mr. Willbrand helped create one of the first online, electronic, database-driven digital identity verification systems in the U.S. and the U.K. In 2010, his focus shifted to the broader financial crime prevention market helping companies mitigate transactional and payment risks by using data and analytics to identify potential fraud.

Mr. Willbrand has also developed identity verification and crime mitigation solutions for social networking, financial technology and cryptocurrency markets. His work has prevented horrific crimes such as human trafficking, political corruption, and terrorism funding. He has also advised on national and trans-national regulations in the U.S., EU and Asia-Pacific markets and served as an expert witness in the U.K. on identity issues.

He speaks extensively on identity and fraud related aspects for the enterprise market as well as strategies for companies to manage risk over time while still providing the best customer experience. Mr. Willbrand graduated from Clemson University with a double major in Political Science and Speech and Communications and studied toward a Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Miami. After living in London for 12 years, Micah now resides in Austin, Texas