Mary Signorelli

Director of Flamboyance

Mary Signorelli, director of flamboyance at GradientMSP, is passionate about helping MSPs work smarter, not harder! Director of what? That’s right, FLAMBOYANCE! Our spokesbird, Phil, is a flamingo. Flamingos are all about community and supporting each other. What’s a group of flamingos called? That’s right – a flamboyance. Mary helps and supports MSPs at every stage of their operational maturity level. Over the last 10 years, she has worked with many MSPs to help them achieve better efficiencies within their organizations. Processes and automation are where it’s at, and she is also a champion of building incredible company cultures along the way.

In her spare time, she loves to create! Painting, woodworking, sewing, crafting…anything at all. You may find her using her power tools or yielding a paintbrush! She can do anything, and so can you!