Mark Elliott

Chief Revenue Officer

Mark Elliott is chief revenue officer for The 20. For over 25 years, he has been helping businesses develop strategies to analyze, manage, and overcome the ever-changing technology challenges they face. A central focus has been security and HIPAA compliance. His experience includes preventing, detecting, and responding to hackers and threats,  ensuring that an organization is safe from invasions while simultaneously meeting regulatory compliance.

During his career, Mark has advised clients on effective – and cost-effective – approaches to developing infrastructure that fosters productivity and profitability. His work has provided him with a broad-based knowledge of business from the inside, with an expertise in areas that go beyond IT alone, ranging from strategic planning to cloud computing to workflow automation solutions.

As an entrepreneur who has worked successfully with startups to Fortune 500, Mark is also well aware of the unique hurdles that small and medium-size enterprises face in assembling their business technologies.