Manuel Palachuk

Manuel brings an infectious energy, inspiring audiences to embrace meaningful change with takeaways for resolute action. Manuel has run several successful companies, mentored many more, and spoken to audiences around the world. He helps organizations pull back the curtain to reveal the potentially toxic, rotting culture they've cultivated, and then guides them to transform it into a positive, cohesive one. Manuel’s first book, Getting To The Next Level, is a culture-centric framework that redefines how companies should approach their business strategy development. His new book, The Culture Imperative, tells the cautionary tale of one company’s pursuit of success, permeated by nothing less than catastrophe.

With more than forty years’ customer service experience and twenty in leadership programs, Manuel has taken teams to top-level honors in their competitions, and countless organizations to next-level success. Manuel is positioned at the intersection of Culture, Strategy, and Leadership, and transformation is his work.

Manuel Palachuk Speaker Selfie

Manuel Palachuk - The Coach