Manal El-Ramly

Chief Communications Officer

Manal El-Ramly is a seasoned and effective professional specializing in meeting the needs of large enterprises, using her natural strategic sense coupled with her broad expertise and knowledge enabling companies to amplify their communication and data strategies and tactics. She is inspired to help companies streamline their business, communication, and data processes through the use of technology.

Manal's current leadership with Newsco, a SaaS communication intelligence platform, has allowed her to expand the value she brings to corporations in enhancing and integrating their communication and business strategy. Manal is integral in developing Newsco's global business development and leading its growth strategy.

A key member of ZE PowerGroup's executive team, Manal has been responsible for the global development and growth of ZE's highly acclaimed suite of enterprise data management, analysis, and integration software solutions, ZEMA.

Manal's mission is to ensure she continues to provide optimal customer service to all clients that she serves, and provide solutions to participants.  

Her natural ability to build lasting relationships, along with her rich history of industry expertise and her strategic and technical vision, have made her a valuable asset to the companies that she engages and the community.