Joanna Mirov

Sr. Advisor M&A

Joanna Mirov is an accomplished entrepreneur and businesswoman who has established herself as an active advisor and guest speaker on business and technology. With a proven track record of growing a multi-million-dollar IT company and mentoring MSP leaders and women professionals, Joanna aims to share her knowledge and expertise with others, helping them to achieve their goals and reach new heights in their careers.
Joanna’s dedication and hard work have been recognized by the industry, having won numerous awards, including the 2021 Enterprising Women of the Year Award, Top 15 Businesswomen in Illinois, Deborah Sawyer Rising Star Award, Crain’s Notable Entrepreneurs, and Channel Pro’s Peer of the Year Award.
Through the power of speaking engagements, Joanna shares her passion for entrepreneurship and coaching others to recognize their strengths and reach their goals. Her energy is contagious as she genuinely seeks to help others succeed.