Dr. Martin Zizi

Founder and CEO

Dr. Martin Zizi, MD-PhD is the Founder and CEO of Aerendir Mobile Inc. Martin is the inventor of the NeuroPrint®, a cloudless AI-supported and patented physiological neural-tapping technology for authentication, identification, encryption, and bot segregation. Through Aerendir’s teamwork, we have 16 granted and 20 pending patents for our technology. The NeuroPrint® extracts a unique proprioceptive signature (information from the brain & muscles) from micro-vibrational patterns in the user’s hands. It safely authenticates across applications on the device and IoT, using the accelerometers and gyroscopes that are standard in today’s mobile devices. As a result, devices become fully trusted, all this without breaching the user’s privacy. Aerendir does so by keeping computations local on the end user’s device, not on cloud or centralized databases.

Martin Zizi is MD-PhD trained in Molecular Physiology, Public Health, and Biophysics. Martin initiated his career in both academic and strategic projects for the Belgium government and international organizations. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Université Catholique de Louvain Medical School (Belgium). He completed his professorship thesis and postgraduate work at KULeuven University (Belgium). Also, Zizi completed postdoctoral fellowships at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (MD, USA) in the Department of Nephrology, where he was involved in biotoxins and biodefense. He also did groundbreaking research on mitochondria, cell metabolism, and protein-protein interactions at the University of Maryland (UMCP, MD, USA). Martin Zizi has 24 patents in various fields from artificial intelligence to bacteriophages.