ChannelPro SMB Forum Speaker Agreement

For your convenience, ChannelPro will reserve and pay for (2) night’s accommodations (room & tax only).


ChannelPro greatly appreciates your contributions to the event. You are responsible for booking and payment of your own travel arrangements, and ChannelPro is providing a stipend that can be used as you see fit. See our event management team for details.

ChannelPro provides attendees with a set session schedule. To maximize the attendee experience, it’s important to adhere to start and stop times specified in our published schedules. Please be sure to abide by the time frame given to your particular session.

Daisy Shelley or Rich Freeman can help with any show related questions or problems.

Your badge will be available at the SMB Forum registration desk and allows you access to all ChannelPro events and networking functions.

Participants are entitled to bring one adult guest to the conference FREE of charge. Give your guest code speakerguest which will allow them to register for free. This pass is good for the conference only (no hotel or travel expenses).


ChannelPro encourages its panelists to promote their involvement in this event. Marketing copy, ads, and other resources to assist such efforts are available here. Speakers who wish to can sometimes purchase exhibit space at the event as well. If that is of interest to you, please contact our Associate Publisher Joel Zaidspiner for rates and availability.


1. Relationship of Parties - Both parties agree that Participant is engaged as an independent contractor and is not to be considered an employee, agent, partner, joint venture, or spokesperson of EH* and shall not represent his/her opinions to be those of EH.

2. Expenses and Travel Stipend - EH will reserve and pay for (2) night’s accommodation (room & tax only) and provide a stipend for travel expenses.

3. Program Content and Performance

  • 3.1  Participant affirms that content presented will be educational in nature.
  • 3.2  Participant affirms that content is accurate and original, or that permission has been obtained to use the information, and none of the information presented infringes anyone else’s copyright or right of privacy.
  • 3.3  Participant affirms that content will not libel or slander any other person, facility, product, company or service. If such affirmation is breached, Participant will indemnify and hold harmless EH and its employees, officers and directors.

4. Promotion/Presentation Materials - EH shall promote the Participant’s session in marketing and promotional pieces for the event.  To do so effectively, EH requests that Participants submit all information to EH by the specified deadlines. EH reserves the right to edit for consistency and style.  

5. Handout Material - EH does not require handout material, but will accept documents that Participant would like distributed to SMB Forum attendees in an electronic format.  EH accepts PowerPoint, Word, and PDF files. Participant hereby gives EH permission to distribute presentation material.

6. Authorization to Record - EH may elect to audio and/or video record sessions for use following the event and/or offer recorded material for sale. Participant shall retain copyright as author of presented material. Participant hereby authorizes EH to record, reproduce, excerpt, distribute, and/or offer the presentation audio, video and/or presentation materials for sale.

7. Cancellation - Should extenuating circumstances prevent Participant from participating in the SMB Forum, Participant agrees to contact EH with written notification of cancellation immediately. Participant agrees to aid EH in finding a replacement for this presentation whenever possible.

8. Participant Benefits/Registration - EH will promote and publicize Participant’s presentation through its various brochures, websites, and correspondence with attendees and media. Participant will be given free access to all SMB Forum events. Participants are entitled to bring one adult guest to the conference FREE of charge. Give your guest code speakerguest, which will allow them to register for free. This pass is good for the conference and not for a hotel room or traveling expenses.

9. Risk - Participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless EH from any claim, demand, loss, liability, damage or expense arising in any way from Participant’s performance of service.

10. Acceptance - Checking "Yes" when prompted to accept the terms of the speaker agreement during your electronic registration means you understand and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. Those who do not register themselves electronically or fail to accept the terms and conditions listed above will be asked to return a signed copy of this agreement to the ChannelPro Events staff.

*The ChannelPro Network and IoT Playbook are part of EH Publishing, Inc. d.b.a. EH Media.