ConnectMeVoice allows MSPs to build a profitable Voice business that goes beyond the agent commission you get from other firms. 

  • Call Path pricing provides a super competitive price point -
    • No need to pay for expensive per device costs for phones that are under used
    • Great model for schools and nursing homes where hosted VoIP was not competitive
  • MSPs have the flexibility to set their own pricing and add profitable add-ons to maximize margin.
    • You set the prices you want to charge, so you will know what margins you can expect on each deal. Dial the levers up and down to adjust how competitive you are.
    • Features such as call recording and integrations that you can still charge for and keep 100% of the margin
  • You control the customer relationship and your brand
    • Your logo is on the end-user portal, the mobile application, and the invoices
    • Branded and brandable marketing materials available for you to use
  • We handle all the taxes in a way that has been vetted by compliance experts.
    • Other white label providers will throw you to the regulators or expensive tax attorneys to figure out how and what to collect and remit or they will set you up for potential audits for the way money is collected on your behalf

Now Integrates with Microsoft Teams!